Peak Magazine

The Crafty Transformer: Ahead of a career retrospective, British national treasure and iconoclast Grayson Perry – the transvestite and Turner Prizewinner, husband and father, and wearer of many hats and platform shoes – gives The Peak an exclusive audience.

Creative Spaces, Creative Minds: Far from being the sole realm of Silicon Valley tech giants, more companies are realising that innovative office design can boost creativity and productivity.

Getting on Top of Tech: In a world where exponentially developing technologies are changing industries at breakneck pace, institutions have emerged to help top executives and other potential leaders both deal with disruption – and leverage it to solve some of the world’s biggest problems. The Peak takes a look at some education game changers.

Falling for Ancient Jade: Jade has been prized for thousands of years in China. Ancient specimens of the precious stone, which embody history and craftsmanship, are highly sought after by collectors. But for those thinking of venturing into this field, making sure you have the genuine article is both crucial and challenging.

Paging Doctor Art: Restoring masterpieces requires the finesse of an artist, the know-how of a scientist and precision of a surgeon.

The Clean Commitment: Environment undersecretary Christine Loh shares her view on developing Hong Kong’s green technology now and in the future.

Waste Not Want Not: As Hong Kong’s landfills fill up, The Peak looks at initiatives to recycle the vast amounts of waste produced here every day.

130 Years and Counting: German chemicals giant BASF has been doing business in China for 130 years, through revolution, war and industrialisation. The company’s current president for Greater China Albert Heuser shares how it has been working to help Chinese industry into a leaner, cleaner future.


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