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Los Angeles Times

Hong Kong student leaders jailed over pro-democracy protest tied to Umbrella Movement.”

Hong Kong opposition party member arrested for allegedly falsifying story of abduction

Hong Kong ousts four pro-democracy lawmakers as Beijing supporters gain influence.


Taming the Lionfish: Can Predators Be Trained to Control an Invasive Species.”


Dozens of sailors have been stranded on a casino ship in Hong Kong harbor for six months.”

Hong Kong’s abandoned sailors now have food and legal aid, but still no wages.”

16 hours on one of Hong Kong’s overnight casino cruise boats.”

After over 250 nights on an abandoned casino ship, these sailors are leaving Hong Kong harbor.”

2,500 sailors and one performance artist are stranded at sea after a Korean shipping giant’s collapse.”

Dozens of giant cargo ships, and hundreds of crew, are bracing for typhoons after Hanjin Shipping’s collapse.”

Hong Kong’s pro-democracy activist Joshua Wong has been “blacklisted” from Thailand.”

“Cheeky new game apps in South Korea parody president Park and her Rasputin-like confidante.”

“South Korea’s president said tragedy and “loneliness” drove her to rely on a shadowy female confidante.”

US News and World Report

“Hong Kong’s Lost Generation: As the Chinese territory prepares to select a new leader, young adults are increasingly questioning their future.”

The Maritime Industry’s Unsteady Waters: A Casino Ship and Crew Left in Hong Kong reveal a sector vulnerable to economic shock waves.”

“Can a Country Be Run Like a Company?” 
Two governments in Asia show the benefits and dangers of public officials behaving like CEOs.

Foreign Policy

The Things They Carried: The Celebrity Tutor.”

Dow Jones (Mansion Global)

Big Sales in Hong Kong Buck Trend.”

Luxury Developments in Hong Kong Move Ahead.”

Peak Magazine

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South China Morning Post

21HK: What’s in Your Water? The Chemical Cocktails We Create.”

In a two-part special report, the South China Morning Post examines the challenges of keeping Hong Kong’s water supply flowing and clean.

We meet the scientists and engineers experimenting with new ways to deal with the city’s growing demand for water and the increasing amount of chemicals like antibiotics, cleaning fluids and personal care products in it.

Wife of Hong Kong Missionary Feared Detained in North Korea Appeals for Government Help.”

Calls For More Transparency as Food Costs for Hong Kong Asylum Seekers Don’t Add Up.”

Simple solutions may be best security for your data against hackers.”

Cannabis Debate in Hong Kong Not Cut and Dried.”

Hong Kong Family Close to Achieving Zero Waste.”

Shenzhen Abortions Hold High Risks for Hong Kong Women.”

Mother’s Choice provides lifeline for girls with crisis pregnancies in HK.”

How Korean Culture Stormed the World.”

K-pop’s Dark Side: Little Artistic Freedom.”

Speculation Rife Over Edward Snowden’s Fate.”

Snowden’s Revelations Changed IT Industry’s Sense of Privacy.”

Parents are turning increasingly to agencies for baby sex selection.”

Unstoppable Trade Thrives in the Dark.”

Study-Visa Snub for Kim Jong-il’s Grandson.”